ICT Facilities

Computer Lab and ICT Facilities

  • There are three computer labs with a total of 137 computers. All the computers are inter-connected with LAN and have access to the Internet. There is LCD projector in all the 3 labs.
  • Campus-wide WiFi is backed by a sufficient number of access-points in most of the classrooms, Labs and staff rooms. The college has sufficient number of networking equipment such as routers, switches (managed / unmanaged) and a server.
  • EERMPS software is used by administrative staffs, faculties and library. It is used for the admission of students, fee collection, account maintenance, Bulk SMS services, Students E-Attendance Monitoring System, Library hours, Lesson plan, Students activities, Employee profile, Students feedback.
  • Digital databases like  NLIST, SAGE Journals , National Digital Library (NDL) etc.
  • SDMCBM Repository has digitized many College Publications, Faculty Publications ,Students Project reports ,question papers, Syllabus e-books is available in the library.
  • Online public accessing catalogue through OPAC one can access availability of library books, journals and magazine by  author, title, subject , publisher, accession number and Call no. 

Use of ICT By the Faculty

  • The use of modern multi-media teaching aids like LCD projectors, Internet-enabled computer systems are employed in Classrooms. Teachers make use of these tools for the effective delivery of academic content.
  • Faculty members use Inflibnet / N-List resources for research works and to improve their quality of teaching.
  • Virtual classes have been initiated to complement the regular classes. This helps the teachers to make the best use of the tools offered by the technology, for better delivery of the academic content.
  • The computer lab is equipped with internet-enabled computer systems. Computers with latest configuration and internet-facility have been provided to all the staff members.
  • Most of the classrooms in the college are smart and are Wi-Fi enabled. All the teachers also have access to free-Wi-Fi in the staffroom.
  • The Institution has a well-equipped e-library and N-List facility.
  • 150 MBPS Internet Connection has been provided to the college, which is accessible to both the staff and students.
  • Public address system is available in the college where important announcements are made for the benefit of the students.
  • Use of technology has been increased in the teaching-learning process through the use of laptops and LCD Projectors.
  • Faculty members have taken the initiative of starting their own youtube channels, where useful videos relating to different subject are posted and the is shared with the students. This has benefited large number of students, especially during the post- pandemic lock-down period.
  • During Covid-19 lockdown period, all our faculty members used google meet platform for teaching the subjects.
  • Google Class Rooms – Faculty members also make extensive use of Google Class Rooms to effectively deliver course content. The teachers can give assignments and share e-resources through this application.
  • Company reports, videos on certain topics, bank statements etc., are used in teaching, wherever relevant, in order to give the concepts a practical touch and keep students engaged in the classroom discussions.